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An Email from Our Field Director

Hi everyone, I’m Valentina, Bo’s Field Director,

At the end of this message, I’m going to ask you to make a contribution to Bo’s Campaign, but first, I want to talk about who I am and why I believe in Bo.

I grew up on a mountaintop in Fairview, North Carolina, on the Eastern edge of Buncombe County in a log cabin my dad built for our family. My dad is a German immigrant, and my mom is the daughter of Hungarian immigrants. As a first-generation American, I’ve never taken for granted the promises of the Declaration of Independence to form a government that protects each of our rights to happiness and safety. I have always been a proud American, a Carolina girl, and I have a deep reverence for this land and all of the beauty and variety that Western North Carolina has to offer.

I’ve known Bo Hess for years through Asheville’s Recovery Community. Bo’s life work has been to support men and women struggling with mental health issues. Navigating through life can be particularly challenging without adequate support and access to healthcare services, dignified jobs that pay a living wage, and the increasing drive to capture our attention with emotionally manipulative messaging that divides ordinary Americans among partisan lines.

I have known and loved countless people who lost their lives due to this fractured system; I'm sure that we all have. Meanwhile, politicians in Washington are throwing their hands up, saying there is nothing more to do. Our district has been pawned by a representative who has admitted to governing by “coms” and not legislation.

Who better to lead our district than Bo

Hess, who I trust implicitly to speak truth to power, to recognize and stand above manipulation tactics, and to use his social expertise to advocate for and enact policies that will help our communities thrive. Remember who we all are: people who want happy, unburdened lives with a sense of security. The best thing about Bo is that he listens and sees himself as an equal to each one of his constituents, no matter their political identity. Bo is not “above” anyone, and I know he will be honored to see me brag on him. I am here to tell you; Bo is the real deal.

Our campaign can speak freely and take positions on issues that others, beholden to outside influence, cannot take a stance on. This freedom comes at a benefit--we are funded by the people who make our district great--people like you.

Unfortunately, we are up against a well-funded and well-organized GOP here in North Carolina, who will accept dark money from anyone as long as it means they stay in power. However, I believe that with your support, we can compete against forces who misrepresent everything about whose interests they are preserving.

Thank you for everything that you do; I’ll see you on the campaign trail!

Valentina Stader

Field Director

Campaign to Elect Bo Hess

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