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Sustainable Energy

In Congress, Bo will fight to protect our lakes, forests, rivers, and streams to create a sustainable environment for all Western North Carolina families from expanding the renewable energy standard and reducing carbon emissions to working with farmers to support innovative farming practices.


Addressing climate change and its impact on our communities is a multifaceted issue. Bo supports the Biden administration in its plan to create and implement a National Crisis Strategy to address differing impacts of climate change, including: heat waves, sea level rise, air pollution, wildfires, and hurricanes, as well as helping vulnerable communities to develop their own emergency response plan. 


Bo knows how environmental justice intersects with underserved communities and will work to support laws offsetting pollution in those communities. He will work to ensure that all policy will compel the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide disaster relief more quickly to underserved populations. 


In terms of manufacturing and climate change, Bo will work to create more incentives for manufacturers and consumers to go green. One of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions is factory farming and Bo will address this issue by supporting legislation that creates space for research and development of lab grown meats and the expansion and preservation of designated wildlife lands.

Energy, Environment, and Climate Justice

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