Woman Checking Data on Tablet

Data Security

The future is going to be ruled by data and computing and currently there are no clear rules, policies, or laws regarding some of our most advanced technological breakthroughs such as data collection, biometrics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Bo aims to support a single legislative data-protection mandate to preserve individual privacy and reconcile the difference between state and federal requirements. A more comprehensive legal framework is needed: one that provides a mix of incentives for better security practices, disclosures, and individual protections. Bo will work to make user agreements simple and negotiable and will work to make sure that no one is silenced in perpetuity without time limits and proper reviews. 

Bo recognizes that the online infrastructure of our government needs to be updated so that contacting government agencies is less timely and frustrating for citizens. Expanding affordable access to broadband is essential for progressing social and economic equity and is beneficial for our entire democracy. Enhancing cyber security for all individuals, firms, and agencies is more important than ever, as we have seen play out with devastating consequences this year. Russia, China, and other bad actors will continue to attack our domestic infrastructure and we can no longer ignore the threat of poor cyber security in hopes it will go away.