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Health Care 

Bo knows that access to affordable, quality health care is a right deserved by every resident of Western North Carolina. And every resident deserves to live in a community that can provide teams-based care with providers that care for patients in a holistic way.  Bo’s goal is to provide healthcare and mental healthcare to every Western North Carolinian.


Healthcare is a right but Americans deserve the right to choose which insurance policy is best for them and their family. Medicare for All is a great goal, but in practical application would fall short of changing how health is approached in America. If Americans have the choice between private insurance and an expanded public option, we can achieve Universal Coverage without taking away choice. Americans shouldn’t be forced to “choose” a policy with unrealistic deductibles they will never meet.


Bo will work to protect and expand Medicaid to support rural hospitals, support incentives for providers to move back to rural communities that are in “healthcare deserts,'' and support technology that connects a patient to their providers from a teams-based approach.  Bo recognizes how social-determinants  affect health. A child with Asthma living with mold in the home will not become healthy without changes to their environment. These social-determinants, when applicable, should be billed to health insurance policies.


Bo will implement common-sense policies that combat the opiate epidemic. Legalization of Cannabis will impact lives across the social-political spectrum, restoring justice and creating opportunities for non-opiate based pain management programs to flourish in our communities.  Bo supports increased funding for research into MDMA, Psilocybin, Cannabis, and other alternative treatments for PTSD, anxiety, depression, and therapeutic methods of treatment.