Image by sydney Rae


The brave service members that honorably served to protect our nation's liberties and freedoms deserve the best care and services our nation can provide. As the son of a veteran, Bo knows this better than anyone. He will fight tirelessly in Washington to increase the quality of life for disabled veterans, ensure veterans have access to good-paying jobs and our military families are given the benefits and care they deserve.

Bo supports reviewing all other-than honorable discharges and extending service benefits to those veterans if applicable and correcting uneven barriers to service benefits for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC service members suffering from mental illness.  Bo supports allowing physicians to prescribe medical cannabis for PTSD for service members and creating supporting programs for families of service members during times of medical or psychiatric illness or crisis. Most importantly, Bo supports increasing the health care workforce and infrastructure, and working to reduce wait times for veteran health care to under 72 hours.