Bo understands that without a robust and healthy farming and food infrastructure America’s national security is at risk. Bo also understands that a one-size-fits-all approach will not work for the varied farming communities in America. Bo will work to make sure that farmers have access to training, equipment. and subsidies that will move their production into the 21st century. Bo supports sustainable farming practices such as improved water management, intercropping, soil amendments, improved animal waste management, and agroforestry that will allow farmers to reduce their exposure to floods and droughts, store more carbon on their farms, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase their profits. Bo supports research and development into 21st-century farming practices such as increased organic farming, green development, and research into antibiotic and antiviral interventions that do not create an increased risk for superbugs. 


Bo supports small farms and evening the growing field. Small farms are often unable to compete with huge corporation farming, or to defend themselves against frivolous lawsuits that put them out of business. Bo supports creating the right incentives and access to affordable capital and technologies for farmers to lift them into the future and increase their farm’s profitability. Bo will work in Congress to utilize food surplus in a productive way, such as feeding the hungry and creating emergency food banks.